About us

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The year was 2017 and my wife and I were victims of the daunting wedding planning phase. 

Generators, staff, tents, venue, hay bales, alcohol, catering, table settings, candles, lights, band, transport, the weather..... need I say more.  

We started our journey towards what turned out to be the perfect day with a lot of stressful situations. Suppliers were not delivering, venues were charging exorbitant prices, and the Marquees that were available would have looked the part when your great grandmother was married.

After throwing the original plans at the bin it was time to put the cape on and see where taking control would lead us. We are so lucky to live on one of the most beautiful farms in Marlborough and this was a great start!

With a lot of hard work and plenty of challenging situations we whipped the farm into shape, brought a few amazing new marquees, partnered up with some amazing suppliers and made Stretch & Co. what it is today.  

Oh, and we got married!